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is on a go to deliver your support and  love  to vulnerable children , the blind , the deaf and the needy right inside Africa. Your gift of love and kindness can deliver a child., a family and a generation .
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Isesaki-cho 3-107-202,
kanagawa. Yokohama

Phone: 04-5334-8172
Mobile : 080-4085-8023

The Charity people
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1: Become a Volunteer :

Marcus-Serah Foundation wish to inform the general public, that Volunteers who wish to join the Summit should please contact us by phone or mail.

MSF is calling for TEACHERS to be Employed in Africa, Teachers for Less Privileged and Disabled children, Men and Women.

Two days or a week Visit to our schools by Volunteers on Tourist Visit, will be highly appreciated.

Technical teachers are needed for Technical Institutions. Any skill from any discipline is enough.

Please come up with your contract requirements.

MSF wish to Provide thousands of Teens, invaluable leadership and Socialization Skills as well as Practical Administrative Expertise.

Our education Program involved both Docent ( adult ) Volunteers and Teen Volunteers.

BRAIL equipped COMPUTERS for Educating the Less-Privileged ones, are involved, donate one if you can. Thanks and be blessed for giving.

School Lunch for Pupils, is imminent and important, especially for the children whose families’ household incomes are below the communities’ average.   

2: Become a sponsor.

3: Become  a partner .

4: Join our funding team.

5 : Share  in Social networks .

Please mail to
and tell how you want to get   involved.