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UN-WFP  2008  award  .  JAPAN

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is on a go to deliver your support and  love  to vulnerable children , the blind , the deaf and the needy right inside Africa. Your gift of love and kindness can deliver a child., a family and a generation .
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Isesaki-cho 3-107-202,
kanagawa. Yokohama

Phone: 04-5334-8172
Mobile : 080-4085-8023
Mail  ::info@marcusserahfoundation.com

The Charity people
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What we aim at hears the voice of troubled people directory and think together what is really necessary and to help for the problem leads to a solution. We are with the existence that is familiar for people by building the direct connection with African people led by a representative from Nigeria and we want to be the group where African people can talk about true intention honestly. And not only to be the volunteer who helps, let you know how Africa must change, why Africa just falls into such situation based on the African experience and opinion that lived in Japan. Then we want to perform the activity that can change the consciousness of African people.